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Abbey Manor Community Centre

Abbey Manor Community Centre is situated in the Forum shopping centre along Stourton Way, on the west side of Yeovil. The main access route to turn into Stourton Way from Western Avenue. Stourton Way runs in a loop and joins Western Avenue in two places, so you can enter from the top or the bottom of the road. From the ASDA roundabout, head north on Western Way to the next roundabout and turn right into Stourton Way. The Shopping Centre is 0.6 miles on the left. Alternatlively, if you are entering from the north. From Western Avenue, turn left into Stourton Way and the Shopping Centre will be 0.6 miles to your right. If you are using SATNAV, the address to navigate to is BA21 3TL. There are approximately 100 car parking spaces available.
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