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Meet our Leaders

Hendrik and Leonie Hattingh

Hendrik: "I came to the Vineyard by invitation, but I stayed because of a sense of God's calling and the recognition that the Vineyard was my home. I love raising up leaders and I am passionate about the Bible - what an amazing book! My great pleasure in life is fishing in the quiet of early mornings, and my favourite food is Nandos!"

Leonie: "My passion is to know Jesus more each day, to know his grace and love for me, and to walk in the path and purpose God has called me to. What I love about the Vineyard is the freedom to lose myself in 30 minutes of dedicated worship, the fact that I am loved and accepted just as I am, and being involved in ministry and leadership without limitation."
Matt and Sarah Stent
Tim and Nicola Baker
Steph & Jase Helyar
Richard and Bex Smith

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team is headed up by senior pastors Hendrik & Leonie Hattingh, who planted Yeovil Vineyard Church in 2009. They are supported by assistant pastors Matt and Sarah Stent who oversee the Worship and Children's Ministries respectively. Tim and Nicola Baker joined the team as assistant pastors with ad hoc responsibilities including financial, trustees and administrative team. Jase and Steph Helyar are our youth pastors.

A Place To Belong

If you are looking for a church and want to find out if the Vineyard is the right place for you, or if you want to know more about the Vineyard, join us for an evening with some of the leaders. We will share a brief history of the Vineyard, our own story as a church in Yeovil, and our vision for the future. Contact us

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